OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD352 data_log_file 1
PD3831 bit_result 1
PD3832 error_status_word 1
PD2452 massp_converter_12v_main 12V Main DC/DC Converter 1
PD2994 murata_12v_temp 12V Murata Temperature degrees C
PD3016 out_12v_i 12V Output Current ma
PD3015 out_12v_v 12V Output Voltage volts
PD2454 massp_converter_12v_sec 12V Secondary DC/DC Converter 1
PD2996 vicor_12v_bcm_temp 12V Vicor BCM Temperature degrees C
PD1228 m_1meg_persistor 1meg Persistor 1
PD2451 massp_converter_24v_main 24V Main DC/DC Converter 1
PD2995 murata_24v_temp 24V Murata Temperature degrees C
PD3018 out_24v_i 24V Output Current ma
PD3017 out_24v_v 24V Output Voltage volts
PD2453 massp_converter_24v_sec 24V Secondary DC/DC Converter 1
PD3008 channel_i 8 Element Array of Channel Current ma
PD3009 channel_error_status 8 Element Array of Channel Error Status; 0 = OK 1
PD3006 channel_state 8 Element Array of Channel State 1
PD3007 channel_v 8 Element Array of Channel Voltage volts
PD3098 a1_band A1 Band 1

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