OOI 1.0 Data Reviews

This site provides data review reports on OOI 1.0 datasets (7/1/2013 to 9/30/2018). Please select an array below to navigate to an instrument data report.

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About this Project

This portal supports the OOI Synthesis & Education project that was conducted by Rutgers University, and led by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. The team was tasked with reviewing and evaluating the official datasets collected by the OOI 1.0 effort, from July 2013 to September 2018.

A final summary of issues documented during the data review can be found in the OOI 1.0 Data Evaluation Summary Report.

The information provided on this site is not part of the official OOI program, and should be considered advisory only. Please visit the OOI Website and the OOI Data Portal for official information and datasets.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact our review team.