Instrument Classes

Class Name Primary Science Dicipline
ADCPA Velocity Profiler (short range) for mobile assets Physical
ADCPS Velocity Profiler (long range) Physical
ADCPT Velocity Profiler (short range) Physical
BOTPT Bottom Pressure and Tilt Geological
CAMDS Digital Still Camera with Strobes Biological
CAMHD HD Digital Video Camera with Strobes Biological
CPMEN Platform Controller
CTDBP CTD Pumped Physical
CTDGV CTD Glider Physical
CTDMO CTD Mooring (Inductive) Physical
CTDPF CTD Profiler Physical
DCLEN Data Concentrator Logger (DCL)
DOFST Dissolved Oxygen Fast Response Chemical
DOSTA Dissolved Oxygen Stable Response Chemical
ENG00 Mobile Asset Controller
FDCHP Direct Covariance Flux Physical
FLCDR CDOM Fluorometer
FLNTU 2-Wavelength Fluorometer
FLOBN Benthic Fluid Flow Chemical

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