Cruise Review for AR-08A

Ship Name
R/V Neil Armstrong
Cruise Start Date
9/28/16, 12:15 AM
Cruise End Date
10/5/16, 11:00 AM

Pioneer 7 Leg 1 #TO BE DELETED

Review Status
on 5/18/17

Cruise Information

Item MIO Submission Date Data Team Review Date
Cruise Plan 9/9/16 n/a
Bulk Load Sheets 1/9/17 2/16/17
Deployment Sheets 1/9/17 2/16/17
Quick Look Report 1/26/17 n/a
Cruise Report 1/26/17 n/a
Cruise Photos 10/20/16 n/a

Cruise Data

CTD Rosette Data
CTD Log Sheets
Water Sampling Data - Carbon
Water Sampling Data - Chl
Water Sampling Data - Nutrients
Water Sampling Data - Salt
Water Sampling Data - Oxygen

Cruise Review Summary

Missing cruise data. Only CTD sampling logs are available (2016-10-29).

Data Team Notes

Reasons for Not-Available data in the system are known.
Recovered data from this cruise will not be available until after June 20.