Cruise Review for NBP16-09

Ship Name
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer
Cruise Start Date
10/21/16, 10:35 AM
Cruise End Date
11/15/16, 7:00 PM

Argentine Basin 3 #TO BE DELETED

Review Status
on 3/9/18

Cruise Information

Item MIO Submission Date Data Team Review Date
Cruise Plan 10/19/16 n/a
Bulk Load Sheets
Deployment Sheets
Quick Look Report 3/14/17 n/a
Cruise Report 9/10/17 n/a
Cruise Photos n/a

Cruise Data

CTD Rosette Data
CTD Log Sheets
Water Sampling Data - Carbon
Water Sampling Data - Chl
Water Sampling Data - Nutrients
Water Sampling Data - Salt 9/28/17
Water Sampling Data - Oxygen 9/28/17

Cruise Review Summary


Data Team Notes

Calibration sheets for the GA_00003 moorings were provided on 11/14/2016, were converted to the new-format asset management sheets and committed to the Github repo on 12/9/2016. As of 5/4/2017, the asset management sheets for the gliders deployed on this cruise have not been provided (Redmine ticket # 11657).

- GA05MOAS-GL364_00002
- GA05MOAS-GL470_00001
- GA05MOAS-PG578_00001
- GA05MOAS-PG580_00001