Cruise ID Ship Name Notes Start Date End Date Review Status Last Reviewed
OC1410A R/V Oceanus Endurance 2 (rvdata) 10/06/2014 10/10/2014 New
OC1503D R/V Oceanus Endurance 3a (rvdata) 04/02/2015 04/12/2015 New
OC1508C R/V Oceanus Endurance GL info (rvdata) 08/13/2015 08/22/2015 New
OC1510A R/V Oceanus Endurance 4b (rvdata) 10/07/2015 10/18/2015 New
OC1601 R/V Oceanus Endurance GL info (...rvdata) 01/22/2016 01/22/2016 New
OC1602 R/V Oceanus Endurance GL info (...rvdata) 02/17/2016 02/17/2016 New
OC1901A R/V Oceanus Endurance opportunity glider recovery by Oceanus martech 01/11/2019 01/15/2019 New
OC1905C R/V Oceanus Endurance 11B 05/03/2019 05/08/2019 New
P10a M/V Warren Jr. Pioneer 10a AUV deploy/recover #TO BE DELETED 04/23/2018 04/28/2018 New
P10b R/V Connecticut Pioneer 10b Gliders and AUVs #TO BE DELETED 07/24/2018 07/25/2018 New
P5a M/V Scarlett Isabella Pioneer 5a#TO BE DELETED 01/22/2016 01/28/2016 New
P6a R/V Connecticut Pioneer 6a #TO BE DELETED 08/08/2016 08/10/2016 New
P7a M/V Warren Jr. Pioneer 7a #TO BE DELETED 01/15/2017 01/19/2017 Not Started on 2/23/17
P7b M/V Scarlett Isabella Pioneer 7b glider deployment/recovery #TO BE DELETED 04/18/2017 04/22/2017 New
P8a M/V Warren Jr. Pioneer 8a glider deployment/recovery #TO BE DELETED 08/15/2017 08/18/2017 New
P9a M/V Scarlett Isabella Pioneer 9a #TO BE DELETED 01/26/2018 01/31/2018 New
PS1501 R/V Pacific Storm Endurance GL info 01/21/2015 01/21/2015 New
PS1506A R/V Pacific Storm & R/V Elakha Endurance 3b 06/03/2015 06/03/2015 New
PS1508 R/V Pacific Storm Endurance GL info 08/13/2015 08/13/2015 New
PS1601 R/V Pacific Storm 01/21/2016 01/21/2016 New
PS1605 R/V Pacific Storm 05/27/2016 05/27/2016 New
PS1606 R/V Pacific Storm Endurance CE01ISSP 06/16/2016 06/16/2016 New
PS1610A R/V Pacific Storm Endurance CE02SHSP 10/11/2016 10/12/2016 Not Started on 3/29/17
PS1612 R/V Pacific Storm Endurance Gliders 12/15/2016 12/15/2016 New
PS1701A R/V Pacific Storm Endurance CE02SHSP and Gliders 01/05/2017 01/07/2017 New

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