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Instrument Series: ADCPT-B

Instrument Name
Velocity Profiler (300kHz)
Science Discipline
Class Description

Velocity Profiler (short range) uses acoustics to measure 3D water-current velocity for a small volume of the water column above or below the sensor. The short range sensor is able to measure the current 300 meters or greater from the sensor. High frequency sound waves (75- to 600-kHz) emitted by the profiler scatter off suspended particles and back to the sensor. The sensor calculates velocity by measuring changes in these sound waves (i.e., Doppler shifts). This instrument is also referred to as an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP).

Series Description
Teledyne RDI
WorkHorse Monitor 300khz

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Deployed Instruments

Reference Designator Site Name Node Name Instrument Name Start Depth End Depth
CE02SHBP-LJ01D-05-ADCPTB104 Oregon Shelf Cabled Benthic Experiment Package Low-Power JBox (LJ01D) Velocity Profiler (300kHz) 80 80