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Instrument Series: CTDBP-D

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A CTD is so named as it measures Conductivity, Temperature and Depth. These parameters can then be used to calculate salinity and density. CTD Pumped sensors are equipped with a bottom pump used to control flow through the instrument, as well as reduce biofouling.

Series Description
SBE 16plusV2

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Deployed Instruments

Reference Designator Site Name Node Name Instrument Name Start Depth End Depth
CP01CNSM-MFD37-03-CTDBPD000 Central Surface Mooring Seafloor Multi-Function Node (MFN) CTD 133 133
CP03ISSM-MFD37-03-CTDBPD000 Inshore Surface Mooring Seafloor Multi-Function Node (MFN) CTD 91.5 91.5