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Instrument Series: OSMOI-A

Instrument Name
Osmosis-Based Water Sampler
Science Discipline
Class Description

The Osmosis-Based Water Sampler draws hydrothermal fluids into small capillary-like tubing and allows long-term sampling of diffuse and black smoker hydrothermal fluids, as well as fluids from methane seeps. Once recovered, laboratory tests examine major/trace element chemistry of the samples.

Series Description
TLR, Inc.

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Deployed Instruments

Reference Designator Site Name Node Name Instrument Name Start Depth End Depth
RS01SUM2-MJ01B-00-OSMOIA101 Southern Hydrate Summit 2 Seafloor Medium-Power JBox (MJ01B) Osmosis-Based Water Sampler 811 811
RS03ASHS-MJ03B-00-OSMOIA301 ASHES Vent Field Medium-Power JBox (MJ03B) Osmosis-Based Water Sampler 1,552 1,552