Stream: adcp_pd12_parsed

Display Name
Data Products
Stream Type
Time Parameter
Binsize Minutes
Uses Ctd
Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD312 serial_number Serial Number 1 empty
PD607 num_bytes Number of Bytes 1 65535
PD611 firmware_version Firmware Version 1 255
PD612 firmware_revision Firmware Revision 1 255
PD664 ensemble_number Ensemble Number 1 65535
PD672 heading Heading deci-degrees 65535
PD673 pitch Pitch deci-degrees -9999
PD674 roll Roll deci-degrees -9999
PD676 temperature Transducer Temperature cdeg_C -9999 Science Data
PD710 pressure Pressure daPa 0 Science Data
PD714 water_velocity_east Eastward Seawater Velocity eastward_sea_water_velocity mm s-1 -32768 VELPROF-VLE_L0 Science Data L0
PD715 water_velocity_north Northward Seawater Velocity northward_sea_water_velocity mm s-1 -32768 VELPROF-VLN_L0 Science Data L0
PD716 water_velocity_up Upward Seawater Velocity upward_sea_water_velocity mm s-1 -32768 VELPROF-VLU_L0 Science Data L0
PD717 error_velocity Error Seawater Velocity mm s-1 -32768 VELPROF-EVL_L0 Science Data L0
PD743 checksum Checksum 1 65535
PD784 pd12_packet_id PD12 Packet ID 1 65535
PD785 ensemble_start_time Ensemble Start Time, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD788 velocity_po_error_flag Velocity PO Error Flag 1 -99
PD789 velocity_po_up_flag Velocity PO Up Flag 1 -99
PD790 velocity_po_north_flag Velocity PO North Flag 1 -99
PD791 velocity_po_east_flag Velocity PO East Flag 1 -99
PD792 subsampling_parameter Subsampling Parameter 1 255
PD793 start_bin Start Bin 1 255
PD794 num_bins Number of Bins 1 255
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD877 real_time_clock Real Time Clock Array 1 -9999

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