Stream: ies_status

Display Name
Status Data
Engineering Status Data
Stream Type
Time Parameter
Binsize Minutes
Uses Ctd
Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD2575 hpies_ies_timestamp IES Timestamp seconds 0
PD2585 hpies_data_validity Data Validity 1 0
PD2586 hpies_status_travel_times Status Travel Times 10 useconds 0
PD2587 hpies_status_pressures Status Pressures 0.001 dbars 0
PD2588 hpies_status_temperatures Status Temperatures 0.001 deg Celsius 0
PD2589 hpies_status_pressure_frequencies Status Pressure Frequencies mHz 0
PD2590 hpies_status_temperature_frequencies Status Temperature Frequencies mHz 0
PD2591 hpies_backup_battery_voltage Backup Battery Voltage V -99999
PD2592 hpies_release_drain Release Battery Drain mAmp -99999
PD2593 hpies_system_drain System Battery Drain mAmp -99999
PD2594 hpies_release_battery_voltage Release Battery Voltage V -99999
PD2595 hpies_system_battery_voltage System Battery Voltage V -99999
PD2596 hpies_release_system_voltage Release System Voltage V -99999
PD2597 hpies_internal_temperature Internal Temperature deg C -99999
PD2598 hpies_average_travel_time Average Travel Time 10 useconds -99999
PD2599 hpies_average_pressure Average Pressure 0.001 dbar 0
PD2600 hpies_average_temperature Average Temperature 0.001 deg Celsius 0
PD2601 hpies_last_pressure Last Pressure Hz -99999
PD2602 hpies_last_temperature Last Temperature Hz -99999
PD2603 hpies_ies_clock_error IES Clock Error Hz -99999
Reference Designator Name Location Start Depth End Depth
RS01SLBS-LJ01A-05-HPIESA101 Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder Located Off Jbox 2906 2906
RS03AXBS-LJ03A-05-HPIESA301 Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder Located Off Jbox 2639 2639