Stream: nutnr_a_status

Display Name
Status Data
Engineering Status Data
Stream Type
Time Parameter
Binsize Minutes
Uses Ctd
Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD283 baud_rate Baud Rate Bd -9999999
PD312 serial_number Serial Number 1 empty
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD2332 nutnr_sensor_type Sensor Type 1 empty
PD2333 nutnr_sensor_version Sensor Version 1 empty
PD2334 nutnr_integrated_wiper Integrated Wiper 1 empty
PD2335 nutnr_ext_power_port External Power Port 1 empty
PD2336 nutnr_lamp_shutter Lamp Shutter 1 empty
PD2337 nutnr_reference_detector Reference Detector 1 empty
PD2338 nutnr_wiper_protector Wiper Protector 1 empty
PD2339 nutnr_super_capacitors Super Capacitors 1 empty
PD2340 nutnr_psb_supervisor PCB Supervisor 1 empty
PD2341 nutnr_usb_communication USB Communication 1 empty
PD2342 nutnr_relay_module Relay Module 1 empty
PD2343 nutnr_sdi12_interface SDI-12 Interface 1 empty
PD2344 nutnr_analog_output Analog Output 1 empty
PD2345 nutnr_int_data_logging Internal Data Logging 1 empty
PD2346 nutnr_apf_interface APF Interface 1 empty
PD2347 nutnr_scheduling Scheduling 1 empty
PD2348 nutnr_lamp_fan Lamp Fan 1 empty
PD2349 nutnr_sensor_address_lamp_temp Address of Lamp Temperature Sensor 1 empty
PD2350 nutnr_sensor_address_spec_temp Address of Spectrometer Temperature Sensor 1 empty
PD2351 nutnr_sensor_address_hous_temp Address of Housing Temperature Sensor 1 empty
PD2352 nutnr_serial_number_spec Spectrometer Serial Number 1 empty
PD2353 nutnr_serial_number_lamp Lamp Serial Number 1 empty
PD2354 nutnr_stupstus Setup Status 1 empty
PD2358 nutnr_output_dark_frame Output Dark Frame 1 empty
PD2359 nutnr_logging_dark_frame Logging Dark Frame 1 empty
PD2360 nutnr_timeresl Time Resolution 1 empty
PD2361 nutnr_log_file_type Log File Type 1 empty
PD2362 nutnr_acqcount Acquisition Counter counts 0
PD2363 nutnr_cntcount Continuous Counter counts 0
PD2364 nutnr_dac_nitrate_min DAC Minimum Nitrate µMol -9999999
PD2365 nutnr_dac_nitrate_max DAC Maximum Nitrate µMol -9999999
PD2366 nutnr_data_wavelength_low Data Wavelength Low nm -9999999
PD2370 nutnr_msg_level Message Level 1 empty
PD2371 nutnr_msg_file_size Message File Size MB 0
PD2372 nutnr_data_file_size Data File Size MB 0
PD2373 nutnr_output_frame_type Output Frame Type 1 empty
PD2374 nutnr_logging_frame_type Logging Frame Type 1 empty
PD2375 nutnr_data_wavelength_high Data Wavelength High nm -9999999
PD2376 nutnr_sdi12_address SDI 12 Address 1 0
PD2377 nutnr_data_mode Data Mode 1 empty
PD2378 nutnr_operating_mode Operation Mode 1 empty
PD2379 nutnr_operation_ctrl Operation Control 1 empty
PD2380 nutnr_extl_dev External Device 1 empty
PD2381 nutnr_ext_dev_prerun_time External Device Pre-Run Time s 0
PD2382 nutnr_ext_dev_during_acq External Device During Acq. 1 empty
PD2383 nutnr_watchdog_timer Wachdog Timer 1 empty
PD2384 nutnr_countdown Countdown s 0
PD2385 nutnr_fixed_time_duration Fixed Time Duration s 0
PD2386 nutnr_periodic_interval Periodic Interval 1 empty
PD2387 nutnr_periodic_offset Periodic Offset counts 0
PD2388 nutnr_periodic_duration Periodic Duration s 0
PD2389 nutnr_periodic_samples Periodic Samples counts 0
PD2390 nutnr_polled_timeout Polled Timeout s 0
PD2391 nutnr_apf_timeout APF Timeout s -9999999
PD2392 nutnr_lamp_stability_time Lamp Stability Time s 0
PD2393 nutnr_ref_min_lamp_on Reference Minute at Lamp-On s 0
PD2394 nutnr_skip_sleep Skip Sleep at Start 1 empty
PD2395 nutnr_lamp_switchoff_temp Lamp Switch-Off Temperature ºC 0
PD2396 nutnr_spec_integration_period Spectrometer Integration Period ms 0
PD2397 nutnr_dark_avg Dark Averages 1 0
PD2398 nutnr_light_avg Light Averages 1 0
PD2399 nutnr_reference_samples Reference Samples 1 0
PD2401 nutnr_dark_samples Dark Samples 1 0
PD2402 nutnr_light_samples Light Samples 1 0
PD2403 nutnr_dark_duration Dark Duration s 0
PD2404 nutnr_light_duration Light Duration s 0
PD2405 nutnr_temp_comp Temperature Compensation 1 empty
PD2406 nutnr_salinity_fit Salinity Fitting 1 empty
PD2407 nutnr_bromide_tracing Bromide Tracing 1 empty
PD2408 nutnr_baseline_order Baseline Order 1 0
PD2409 nutnr_concentrations_fit Concentrations to Fit 1 0
PD2410 nutnr_dark_corr_method Dark Correction Method 1 empty
PD2411 nutnr_dark_coefs Dark Coefficients 1 empty
PD2412 nutnr_davgprm0 Dark Correction 0 1 -9999999
PD2413 nutnr_davgprm1 Dark Correction 1 1 -9999999
PD2414 nutnr_davgprm2 Dark Correction 2 1 -9999999
PD2415 nutnr_davgprm3 Dark Correction 3 1 -9999999
PD2416 nutnr_absorbance_cutoff Absorbance Cutoff 1 -9999999
PD2417 nutnr_int_time_adj Integration Time Adjustment 1 empty
PD2418 nutnr_int_time_factor Integration Time Factor s 0
PD2419 nutnr_int_time_step Integration Time Step s 0
PD2420 nutnr_int_time_max Integration Time Max s 0
PD2421 nutnr_fit_wavelength_low Fit Wavelength Low nm -9999999
PD2422 nutnr_fit_wavelength_high Fit Wavelength High nm -9999999
PD2423 nutnr_lamp_time Total Lamp On-Time s -9999999
PD2424 nutnr_activecalfile Active Calibration File 1 empty
Reference Designator Name Location Start Depth End Depth
CE04OSPS-SF01B-4A-NUTNRA102 Nitrate Shallow Profiler 20 200
RS01SBPS-SF01A-4A-NUTNRA101 Nitrate Shallow Profiler 5 200
RS03AXPS-SF03A-4A-NUTNRA301 Nitrate Shallow Profiler 5 200