Stream: phsen_parsed

Display Name
Data Products
Stream Type
Time Parameter
Binsize Minutes
Uses Ctd
Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD333 checksum Data Checksum 1 0
PD353 unique_id Instrument Unique ID 1 0
PD354 record_length Record Length 1 0
PD355 record_type Record Type 1 0
PD357 light_measurements Light Measurements counts -9999
PD358 voltage_battery Voltage Battery counts -9999
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD932 thermistor_start Thermistor Resistivity at Start of Measurement counts -9999
PD933 reference_light_measurements Array of Reference Light Measurements counts -9999
PD935 thermistor_end Thermistor Resistivity at End of Measurement counts -9999
PD936 signal_intensity_434 Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 434 nm counts -9999999 PH434SI_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD937 signal_intensity_578 Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 578 Nm counts -9999999 PH578SI_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD938 phsen_thermistor_temperature Thermistor Temperature at End of Measurement V -9999999 ABSTHRM_L1 Science Data L1
PD939 ph_seawater pH sea_water_ph_reported_on_total_scale 1 -9999999 PHWATER_L1 Science Data L1
PD1559 record_time_1904_uint32 Record Time Since 1904-01-01 seconds since 1904-01-01 9999999

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