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Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Method: streamed
Stream: ctdbp_no_sample
7/22/16, 2:17 PM 9/9/17, 7:01 PM

The oxygen products from this instrument are suspect, due to errors during vendor calibration. Until a correction can be applied, the oxygen data during this time range should not be used.

Id: 201 By: friedrich.knuth
Flag: fail Exclude: No

Method: streamed
Stream: ctdbp_no_sample
12/16/18, 6:43 PM 1/14/19, 4:19 PM

An anomalous drop in conductivity values from this sensor was observed, beginning in Dec. 2018. Scientific and technical analysis determined that it was likely due to a clogged conductivity cell. Power to the CTD pump was cycled on 2019-01-14, which appeared to resolve the issue and bring conductivity back into a reasonable range. Conductivity, salinity, density and salinity-corrected DO data products from this sensor should be considered suspect during this time range. A subsequent drop in conductivity values on 2019-01-18 indicates the issue may have reoccurred, so investigation is ongoing.

Id: 1548 By: m.vardaro
Flag: suspect Exclude: No


Id Parameter Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD5 density Seawater Density sea_water_density kg m-3 -9999999 DENSITY_L2 Science Data L2
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD13 practical_salinity Practical Salinity sea_water_practical_salinity 1 -9999999 PRACSAL_L2 Science Data L2
PD14 dissolved_oxygen DO - Pressure Temp Sal Corrected moles_of_oxygen_per_unit_mass_in_sea_water µmol kg-1 -9999999 DOXYGEN_L2 Science Data L2
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD193 temperature Seawater Temperature Measurement counts -9999999 TEMPWAT_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD194 conductivity Seawater Conductivity Measurement counts -9999999 CONDWAT_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD195 pressure Seawater Pressure Measurement counts -9999999 PRESWAT_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD196 pressure_temp Seawater Pressure Measurement counts -9999999
PD197 oxygen DO Measurement counts -9999999 DOCONCS-CNT_L0 Unprocessed Data L0
PD835 oxy_calphase Calibrated Phase counts -9999999
PD836 oxy_temp DOSTA Temperature counts -9999999
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD908 seawater_temperature Seawater Temperature sea_water_temperature ºC -9999999 TEMPWAT_L1 Science Data L1
PD964 ctd_tc_oxygen DO µmol L-1 -9999999 DOCONCS_L1 Science Data L1
PD3647 ctdbp_no_seawater_pressure Seawater Pressure sea_water_pressure dbar -9999999 PRESWAT_L1 Science Data L1
PD3648 ctdbp_no_seawater_conductivity Seawater Conductivity sea_water_electrical_conductivity S m-1 -9999999 CONDWAT_L1 Science Data L1