2-Wavelength Fluorometer (40m)

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FLORD (2-Wavelength Fluorometer)
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Dep. Preferred Method Stream DD FD SG EG Gaps GD TS Rate (s) Pressure Comp. Time Order Valid Data Missing Data Data Comp. Missing Coords. Review
2 recovered_host 361 141 6 193 4 20 3,252 3,600 40 / 1 Complete
3 recovered_host 445 197 0 247 0 0 4,592 3,600 40 / 1 Complete
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  1. missing: ['pressure']

Data Coverage

Deployment: 23

Lat/Lon Differences (km)

Deployment: 23
2 0.00
3 11.910.00

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System Annotations

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
3/15/15, 5:25 PM 11/26/15, 5:08 AM

Deployment 1: Buoy log files showed that seawater was first detected inside the buoy well on 3/26/2015. Both leak detectors showed increasing presence of water over the period of deployment. Upon recovery of the mooring, no external damage was visible and the buoy did not appear to be floating lower than normal.

Id: 653 By: lgarzio

10/26/16, 9:47 PM 5/11/17, 4:41 PM

Deployment 3: Upon recovery, the cable to the CTDBP was severed.

Id: 390 By: lgarzio

Review Notes

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment

Deployments 2 and 3: there is no pressure variable in the netCDF files. This should be a coordinate.

By Lori Garzio, on 2/8/19

12/4/15, 12:00 AM 3/14/16, 12:00 AM

Deployment 2: The recovered_host data from the following instruments have the same 4 data gaps [['2015-12-04', '2015-12-14'], ['2016-01-06', '2016-01-11'], ['2016-02-05', '2016-02-10'], ['2016-03-11', '2016-03-14']]. These gaps should be annotated to explain why the data are missing, or gaps should be filled in if the data are available. [02-FLORDG031, 02-FLORDG032, 02-FLORDG033, 02-DOSTAD031, 02-DOSTAD032, 02-DOSTAD033]

By Lori Garzio, on 2/11/19

Deployment: 2

The 6 day data gap at the beginning of the deployment should be annotated, and the 193 missing days at the end of the deployment should be annotated (the CTD to which this instrument was connected failed).

By Lori Garzio, on 2/11/19

Deployment: 3
3/4/17, 12:00 AM 1/14/18, 12:00 AM

Annotation ID 390 should be updated to indicate that it looks like the cables look like they were severed on/near 2017-03-04 (according to the data). Excluding data after this time from final stats.

By Lori Garzio, on 2/11/19

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