Mobile Asset Controller

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0 to 1,000m
ENG00 (Mobile Asset Controller)
Make / Model
Teledyne Webb / G2 Slocum Gliders

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6/9/18, 3:49 PM

During deployment D00003, this Open Ocean glider was modified to improve calibration by exposing the optode to air. The optode mount was moved to the upper surface, the optode remains powered and logging during the air surface intervals, and glider sensor logging was changed from descent-only to ascent-only to avoid sensor lag artifacts when moving from air to water. Optode sampling frequency was increased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, to improve vertical resolution (dependent on sufficient battery life).

Id: 1429 By: lgarzio

Method: telemetered
4/24/19, 8:00 PM

Deployment 1: Science disabled on 4/26/2019 to conserve battery power for remainder of 14-month deployment. No science data is expected after this date.

Id: 1582 By: cdobson

Review Notes

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Glider optodes typically exhibit a sensor lag of 20-25 seconds. Example attached of several segments with consecutive down and up casts for CP05MOAS-GL335-04-DOSTAM000 on 10/26/2015 showing a typical measurement time lag. Profiles should be analyzed for individual time lags and data should be adjusted. OOI doesn't necessarily need to make the adjustment but users should be aware of the issue.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/31/19

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