Stream: fdchp_a_dcl_instrument

Display Name
Data Products
Science Data Products (DCL)
Stream Type
Time Parameter
Binsize Minutes
Uses Ctd
Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Fill Value Precision Identifier Type Level
PD7 time Time, UTC time seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD10 port_timestamp Port Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD11 driver_timestamp Driver Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD12 internal_timestamp Internal Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999999
PD16 preferred_timestamp Preferred Timestamp 1 empty
PD436 heading Instrument Heading degrees -9999999
PD437 pitch Instrument Pitch platform_pitch_angle degrees -9999999
PD438 roll Instrument Roll platform_roll_angle degrees -9999999
PD863 ingestion_timestamp Ingestion Timestamp, UTC seconds since 1900-01-01 -9999
PD2605 dcl_controller_timestamp DCL Controller Timestamp 1 empty
PD3289 instrument_start_timestamp Instrument Power on Timestamp, YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.SSS 1 empty
PD3290 time_datacollection Data Collection Start Time sec -9999999
PD3291 v_num_datacollection Version Number of FDCHP 1 -9999999
PD3292 status_datacollection Status (WRAOCF) 1 empty
PD3293 wind_u_avg Wind Speed X-Axis - Average m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3294 wind_v_avg Wind Speed Y-Axis - Average m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3295 wind_w_avg Wind Speed Z-Axis - Average m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3296 speed_of_sound_avg Speed of Sound m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3297 wind_u_std Wind Speed X-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3298 wind_v_std Wind Speed Y-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3299 wind_w_std Wind Speed Z-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3300 speed_of_sound_std Speed of Sound - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3301 wind_u_max Wind Speed X-Axis - Maximum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3302 wind_v_max Wind Speed Y-Axis - Maximum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3303 wind_w_max Wind Speed Z-Axis - Maximum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3304 speed_of_sound_max Speed of Sound - Maximum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3305 wind_u_min Wind Speed X-Axis - Mimimum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3306 wind_v_min Wind Speed Y-Axis - Mimimum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3307 wind_w_min Wind Speed Z-Axis - Mimimum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3308 speed_of_sound_min Speed of Sound - Minimum m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3309 x_accel Acceleration X-Axis - Average m s-2 -9999999
PD3310 y_accel Acceleration Y-Axis - Average m s-2 -9999999
PD3311 z_accel Acceleration Z-Axis - Average m s-2 -9999999
PD3312 x_accel_std Acceleration X-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-2 -9999999
PD3313 y_accel_std Acceleration Y-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-2 -9999999
PD3314 z_accel_std Acceleration Z-Axis - Standard Deviation m s-2 -9999999
PD3315 x_accel_max Acceleration X-Axis - Maximum m s-2 -9999999
PD3316 y_accel_max Acceleration Y-Axis - Maximum m s-2 -9999999
PD3317 z_accel_max Acceleration Z-Axis - Maximum m s-2 -9999999
PD3318 x_accel_min Acceleration X-Axis - Minimum m s-2 -9999999
PD3319 y_accel_min Acceleration Y-Axis - Minimum m s-2 -9999999
PD3320 z_accel_min Acceleration Z-Axis - Minimum m s-2 -9999999
PD3321 x_ang_rate_avg Angular Rate X-Axis - Average rad s-1 -9999999
PD3322 y_ang_rate_avg Angular Rate Y-Axis - Average rad s-1 -9999999
PD3323 z_ang_rate_avg Angular Rate Z-Axis - Average rad s-1 -9999999
PD3324 x_ang_rate_std Angular Rate X-Axis - Standard Deviation rad s-1 -9999999
PD3325 y_ang_rate_std Angular Rate Y-Axis - Standard Deviation rad s-1 -9999999
PD3326 z_ang_rate_std Angular Rate Z-Axis - Standard Deviation rad s-1 -9999999
PD3327 x_ang_rate_max Angular Rate X-Axis - Maximum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3328 y_ang_rate_max Angular Rate Y-Axis - Maximum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3329 z_ang_rate_max Angular Rate Z-Axis - Maximum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3330 x_ang_rate_min Angular Rate X-Axis - Minimum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3331 y_ang_rate_min Angular Rate Y-Axis - Minimum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3332 z_ang_rate_min Angular Rate Z-Axis - Minimum rad s-1 -9999999
PD3333 heading_std Heading - Standard Deviation rad -9999999
PD3334 pitch_std Pitch - Standard Deviation rad -9999999
PD3335 roll_std Roll - Standard Deviation rad -9999999
PD3336 heading_max Heading - Maximum rad -9999999
PD3337 pitch_max Pitch - Maximum rad -9999999
PD3338 roll_max Roll - Maximum rad -9999999
PD3339 heading_min Heading - Minimum rad -9999999
PD3340 pitch_min Pitch - Minimum rad -9999999
PD3341 roll_min Roll - Minimum rad -9999999
PD3342 u_corr Wind Velocity - Northerly m s-1 -9999999 WINDTUR-VLN_L1 Science Data L1
PD3343 v_corr Wind Velocity - Westerly m s-1 -9999999 WINDTUR-VLW_L1 Science Data L1
PD3344 w_corr Wind Velocity - Vertical m s-1 -9999999 WINDTUR-VLU_L1 Science Data L1
PD3345 u_corr_std Along-Wind Component - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3346 v_corr_std Cross-Wind Component - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3347 w_corr_std Vertical Wind Component - Standard Deviation m s-1 -9999999
PD3348 wind_speed Motion-Corrected Wind Speed m s-1 -9999999 Science Data
PD3349 uw_momentum_flux Along-Wind Component of Momentum Flux m2 s-2 -9999999 FLUXMOM-U_L2 Science Data L2
PD3350 vw_momentum_flux Cross-Wind Component of Momentum Flux m2 s-2 -9999999 FLUXMOM-V_L2 Science Data L2
PD3351 buoyance_flux Direct Covariance Flux of Heat m s-1 K -9999999 FLUXHOT_L2 Science Data L2
PD3352 eng_wave_motion Approximate Significant Wave Height 1 -9999999
Reference Designator Name Location Start Depth End Depth
CE02SHSM-SBD12-08-FDCHPA000 Direct Covariance Flux Buoy Tower -3 -3
CP01CNSM-SBD12-08-FDCHPA000 Direct Covariance Flux Buoy Tower -3 -3
GI01SUMO-SBD12-08-FDCHPA000 Direct Covariance Flux Buoy Tower -5 -5
GS01SUMO-SBD12-08-FDCHPA000 Direct Covariance Flux Buoy Tower -5 -5