3-Axis Motion Pack

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MOPAK (3-Axis Motion Pack)
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MicroStrain / 3DM-GX3-25

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Method: telemetered
12/6/15, 1:50 AM 5/6/16, 10:00 PM

The surface expression for the profiler mooring broke free during a storm event on December 06, 2015 and ended up drifting north to Vancouver Island where it was recovered. No further telemetered data will be available from this mooring or profiler system for this deployment.

Id: 1665 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
10/14/16, 3:01 PM 4/12/17, 7:12 PM

UPDATED, 2017-03-13: The subsurface float came to the surface at 06:16 UTC and drifted north towards Vancouver Island where it was recovered. The mooring wire was severed and showed signs of abrasion and other damage consistent with a ship strike. The profiler was no longer attached to the wire and is presumed lost at sea. * The buoy of the offshore Washington profiler went adrift at sometime around noon local time October 14, 2016. The subsurface beacons have not reported, so it is likely that the stretch hose between the buoy and the subsurface float parted, just as it did last year. If this is the case, the profiler is continuing to collect data, but it is no longer able to telemeter data to shore.

Id: 925 By: michaesm
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

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