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The OPTAA data were run through the automated QC tests, but were not reviewed visually. Plots are provided in the “Review Images” section only for wavelengths on/near 676nm (if the wavelengths are defined in the .nc files).
OPTAA (Absorption Spectrophotometer)
Make / Model
WET Labs / AC-S Deep

Dataset Reviews Last processed: 6/26/19, 6:52 PM

QC Check Info
Dep. Preferred Method Stream DD FD SG EG Gaps GD TS Rate (s) Pressure Comp. Time Order Valid Data Missing Data Data Comp. Missing Coords. Review
1 recovered_host 170 10 0 159 0 0 90,458 542 / 1 2 Complete
2 recovered_host / Complete
4 recovered_host 206 124 0 82 0 0 1,929,860 542 / 3 1 2 Complete
5 recovered_host 178 136 0 14 7 28 1,978,629 542 / 3 1 2 Complete
6 recovered_host 178 46 0 114 2 4 684,382 542 / 3 1 2 Complete
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Test Notes

  1. no comparison: timestamps do not match
  2. missing: ['pressure']
  3. pass unique test - ascending not tested

Data Coverage

Deployment: 12456

Lat/Lon Differences (km)

Deployment: 12456
1 0.00
4 1.120.00
6 2.100.971.990.00

System Annotations

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
4/9/15, 1:30 PM

Per vendor feedback, the first 1-2 min of each OPTAA instrument sampling period should be considered suspect. Signal drift can occur as the instrument warms up, flushes with seawater, and the filter wheel spins up. Users are encouraged to delete the first minute of data, at a minimum, from each measurement burst and then calculate a median average of the remaining data from the burst before working further with the OPTAA data.

Id: 2101 By: wingardc

1/21/17, 7:00 PM 4/14/17, 8:00 PM

The high voltage lines providing power to the MFN via the CVT for CE09OSSM-00004 shorted out on 2017-01-22 at 08:31 UTC. Sea state was high, but not unusual for this time of year. Disabled future power scheduling to the MFN and applied an override to disable the CVT. No further data will be logged from the instruments on the MFN. This affects:
On DCL35:
* ADCPS (had already failed upon deployment)
* PCO2W -- should continue to autosample
* PHSEN -- should continue to autosample
* PRESF -- should continue to autosample
* VEL3D -- should continue to autosample
On DCL37
* CTDBP (plus DOSTA) -- should continue to autosample
* ZPLSC -- had stopped reporting data early on in deployment, may still be autosampling

Id: 930 By: michaesm
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
6/26/19, 8:40 PM

The high voltage power supply providing power to the seafloor dataloggers and instrumentation failed for reasons unknown at this time. No further telemetered data will be available for this deployment.

Id: 1696 By: wingardc
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

10/11/19, 7:30 PM

The OPTAA burst duration was changed from 2 minutes to 4 minutes beginning 2019-10-11T23:30:00 UTC.

Id: 1876 By: wingardc

Method: telemetered
11/3/19, 3:45 AM

Power to the seafloor sensors failed. With the exception of the VEL3D and OPTAA, the sensors on the seafloor platform should continue to autonomously sample for the remainder of deployment. Until we recover and redeploy the mooring in the spring of 2020, no further telemetered data will be available from the seafloor sensors.

Id: 1763 By: wingardc
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
5/9/20, 8:40 PM 5/10/20, 8:00 PM

Due to a bug in the mooring telemetry system, data during this time range was not telemetered to shore. It was recorded on the mooring and instruments and will be available in the recovered data streams.

Id: 2182 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

Review Notes

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment

According to Roesler and Barnard (Optical proxy for phytoplankton biomass in the absence of photophysiology: Rethinking the absorption line height, Methods in Oceanography, 2013), “absorption meters are highly prone to biofouling, particularly biofilms which not only attenuate the collimated beam but also impact the scattering properties of the optical surfaces and tubes. In productive coastal waters biofouling can have significant impacts (i.e. 10% of the signal) within one to two weeks”.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19


There is no pressure variable in the .nc files. This should be a coordinate.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19

Deployment: 2

There are no data available for download from this deployment. According to the ingest csv, data aren't expected because the DCL failed. This should be annotated in the system.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19

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