3-Axis Motion Pack

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MOPAK (3-Axis Motion Pack)
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MicroStrain / 3DM-GX3-25

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Method: telemetered
Stream: mopak_o_dcl_accel
10/23/18, 12:19 PM

Due to the presence of Class II SD cards in the data logger, data acquisition from the MOPAK has been disabled for the duration of the deployment. The high data rate of the MOPAK (10 Hz for 20 minutes) is consider potentially damaging to the SD card due to their slower read/write speeds. This issue has been addressed internally and steps have been taken to ensure systems are not deployed with Class II SD cards in the future.

Id: 1542 By: wingardc
Flag: not_evaluated Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
3/30/20, 5:30 PM

Due to a change in the program telemetry systems, data from this sensor will not be telemetered to shore. The data is still being collected and will be available upon mooring recovery.

Id: 2065 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
5/9/20, 8:40 PM 5/10/20, 8:00 PM

Due to a bug in the mooring telemetry system, data during this time range was not telemetered to shore. It was recorded on the mooring and instruments and will be available in the recovered data streams.

Id: 2182 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

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