Velocity Profiler (75 kHz)

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ADCPS (Velocity Profiler (long range))
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Teledyne RDI / WorkHorse LongRanger Sentinel 75khz - inductive

Dataset Reviews Last processed: 8/20/19, 3:37 PM

QC Check Info
Dep. Preferred Method Stream DD FD SG EG Gaps GD TS Rate (s) Pressure Comp. Time Order Valid Data Missing Data Data Comp. Missing Coords. Review
1 recovered_inst adcp_velocity_earth 257 257 0 0 0 0 6,133 3,600 500 / 507 1 Complete
2 recovered_inst adcp_velocity_earth 361 361 0 0 0 0 8,628 3,600 500 / 505 1 Complete
3 recovered_host 445 435 0 0 2 11 3,431 10,800 500 / 1 2 Complete
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Test Notes

  1. no comparison: timestamps do not match
  2. missing: ['pressure']

Data Coverage

Deployment: 123
adcp_velocity_earth 100%100%

Lat/Lon Differences (km)

Deployment: 123
1 0.00
2 10.690.00
3 1.2511.910.00

System Annotations

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Method: telemetered
Stream: adcps_jln_stc_instrument
3/15/15, 5:25 PM

Telemetered inductive ADCP data is in pd12 format which does not include the depth-to-first-bin value which is needed for proper calculation of the data products. A nominal value is entered into the system so that telemetered data can be used when needed. For the best data the recovered data in pd0 format should be used.

Id: 1920 By: cdobson

3/15/15, 5:25 PM 11/26/15, 5:08 AM

Deployment 1: Buoy log files showed that seawater was first detected inside the buoy well on 3/26/2015. Both leak detectors showed increasing presence of water over the period of deployment. Upon recovery of the mooring, no external damage was visible and the buoy did not appear to be floating lower than normal.

Id: 653 By: lgarzio

Review Notes

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
12/4/15, 12:00 AM 3/14/16, 12:00 AM

Deployment 2: The recovered_host data from the following instruments have the same 4 data gaps [['2015-12-04', '2015-12-14'], ['2016-01-06', '2016-01-11'], ['2016-02-05', '2016-02-10'], ['2016-03-11', '2016-03-14']]. These gaps should be annotated to explain why the data are missing, or gaps should be filled in if the data are available. [02-FLORDG031, 02-FLORDG032, 02-FLORDG033, 02-DOSTAD031, 02-DOSTAD032, 02-DOSTAD033]

By Lori Garzio, on 2/11/19

Deployment: 3

There are no recovered_inst adcp_velocity_earth data available for download for this deployment. According to the ingest csv, raw recovered_inst data files are available but there may have been a parser issue. This should be investigated.

By Lori Garzio, on 8/21/19

Deployment: 3

The recovered_host .nc files for this deployment don't have pressure as a coordinate. (recovered_inst data are not available for this deployment). These files are also missing two key variables: percent_bad_beams and bin_depths

By Lori Garzio, on 8/21/19

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