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CTDMO (CTD Mooring (Inductive))
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Sea-Bird / SBE 37IM

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Dep. Preferred Method Stream DD FD SG EG Gaps GD TS Rate (s) Pressure Comp. Time Order Valid Data Missing Data Data Comp. Missing Coords. Review
1 recovered_inst 340 340 0 0 0 0 32,679 900 143 / 140 Complete
2 recovered_inst 335 335 0 0 0 0 32,068 900 162 / 135 Complete
3 recovered_inst 396 396 0 0 0 0 37,894 900 138 / 180 Complete
4 recovered_inst 315 315 0 0 0 0 30,116 900 138 / 160 Complete
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Deployment: 1234

Lat/Lon Differences (km)

Deployment: 1234
1 0.00
2 2.350.00
3 0.751.980.00
4 2.790.442.400.00

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I submitted a helpdesk question on 11/12/2018 regarding an offset between recovered and telemetered data for all global HYPMs: "There appears to be a substantial offset between data with the same timestamps from recovered_wfp and telemetered methods for all deployments of all global WFP CTDs, and I have included information from two representative deployments of two different profilers as examples. It looks like the values recorded for the first common timestamp are exactly the same, and as the profiler moves along in time the offset between the values recorded for the same timestamp become increasingly more offset. Then, the profiler reaches the end of the profile (either at its shallowest or deepest point), resets, and the pattern begins again. This is most easily seen in the pressure data, but there is an offset for all science parameters.

GI02HYPM-WFP02-04-CTDPFL000 deployment 1
GP02HYPM-WFP02-04-CTDPFL000 deployment 3

The *_intersect.csv files attached contain data where recovered and telemetered timestamps intersect. For each timestamp and science parameter there are recorded values (from .nc files downloaded from the system) and the difference. For each parameter, the difference between the values at the bottom and top of the profiler's range are exactly zero, and (particularly for pressure) the differences steadily increase until they are reset at zero at the bottom/top of the profile. This pattern continues throughout the deployment. The plots attached are zoomed in to one upcast and one downcast, and highlight the offset in the data between the two methods."

Redmine 13743

By Lori Garzio, on 8/5/19

8/16/15, 10:59 PM 6/16/18, 6:32 AM

Deployments 2, 3, 4: deployment depths from asset management are substantially different than the pressure recorded by the instrument. If the deployment depths in asset management are correct, the data should be annotated to indicate why the pressure values are so different from the depth at which the instrument was deployed.

By Lori Garzio, on 1/2/19

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