3-D Single Point Velocity Meter

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Deep Profiler
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VEL3D (3-D Single Point Velocity Meter)
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Falmouth Scientific
M2M Example
Method Data Stream Content Type
recovered_inst dpc_acm_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_wfp dpc_acm_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 Review TN-313 08/16/2014 07/23/2015 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00004 ATOSU-58346-00008 44.3683 -124.953 582
2 Review TN-326 07/24/2015 08/07/2016 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00006 ATOSU-58346-00007 44.3683 -124.953 582
3 Review SKQ201610S 08/07/2016 08/06/2017 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00004 ATOSU-58346-00008 44.3683 -124.953 583
4 Review RR1713 08/06/2017 08/24/2017 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00007 ATOSU-58346-00007 44.3683 -124.953 583
5 Review RR1715 08/25/2017 07/23/2018 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00006 ATAPL-58346-00006 44.3683 -124.953 583
6 Review RR1812 07/23/2018 07/01/2019 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00004 ATOSU-58346-00007 44.3683 -124.953 583
7 Review AT-42-12 07/02/2019 07/09/2019 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00003 ATAPL-58346-00005 44.3683 -124.953 0 583
8 Review AT-42-12 07/09/2019 ATAPL-69544-00001 ATAPL-71403-00005 ATAPL-58346-00002 44.3683 -124.953 0 583
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment

There are no deployment depths for this profiler in asset management.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/30/19


There are no data from deployment 3 available for download for any instrument. These data need to be ingested or should be annotated.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/30/19


There is a limited amount of data from this profiler available for download. This should be annotated so users are aware of the issues with the deep profilers.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/30/19


There are no pressure data available in the .nc files (can't make profile or xsection plots). This variable should be a coordinate.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/30/19

11/1/15, 12:00 AM 12/25/15, 12:00 AM

There are almost 2 months of data available in the recovered_wfp streams compared to the recovered_inst data streams for deployment 2. These data should be available in the recovered_inst stream or annotated to explain if there was an issue.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/30/19

New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
12/7/14, 2:45 PM 12/15/14, 7:00 PM

Note: PFE down. HVPS1 MOV explosion, 800A breaker tripped, investigation and restoration

Id: 1026 By: knuth

1/7/15, 2:32 AM 1/7/15, 3:06 AM

Note: PNWGP Portland <-> Seattle outage

Id: 1025 By: knuth

1/30/15, 7:00 PM 2/3/15, 7:00 PM

Note: Intermittent partial data loss due to storage drive problems at OTB

Id: 1024 By: knuth

3/21/15, 10:10 AM 3/22/15, 12:20 AM

Note: PNWGP outage due to City of Seattle fiber cable work

Id: 1023 By: knuth

6/12/15, 8:00 PM 6/15/15, 12:30 PM

Note: Network issues due to fire that damaged fibers between Portland and Seattle

Id: 1022 By: knuth

8/28/15, 8:00 PM 8/28/15, 8:30 PM

Note: Outage during major utility power failure in Seattle

Id: 1021 By: knuth

8/22/18, 1:00 PM 8/24/18, 4:00 PM

On Wednesday Aug 22 2018, an automatic protective shutdown of primary power to the OOI Cabled Array occurred during installation of a new chiller system. Power was restored on Aug 24. Due to loss of power to the Cabled Array marine infrastructure, data were not collected by the instruments.

Id: 1484 By: lgarzio
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No