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OPTAA (Absorption Spectrophotometer)
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recovered_host optaa_dj_dcl_instrument_recovered Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_host optaa_dj_dcl_metadata_recovered Metadata Report M2M Engineering
telemetered optaa_dj_dcl_instrument Data Products Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered optaa_dj_dcl_metadata Metadata Report M2M Engineering
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 Review OC1503D 04/05/2015 09/23/2015 CGMCE-07SHSM-00001 CGINS-OPTAAD-00124 46.9861 -124.566 7 87
2 Review OC1510A 10/13/2015 05/13/2016 CGMCE-07SHSM-00002 CGINS-OPTAAD-00260 46.9875 -124.569 7 87
3 Review TN-342 05/05/2016 09/27/2016 CGMCE-07SHSM-00003 CGINS-OPTAAD-00171 46.9895 -124.569 7 87
4 Review AT37-03 09/20/2016 04/13/2017 CGMCE-07SHSM-00004 CGINS-OPTAAD-00208 46.9859 -124.566 7 87
5 Review SKQ201704S 04/11/2017 10/06/2017 CGMCE-07SHSM-00005 CGINS-OPTAAD-00182 46.9882 -124.567 7 89
6 Review SKQ201715S 10/03/2017 03/29/2018 CGMCE-07SHSM-00006 CGINS-OPTAAD-00171 46.9852 -124.564 7 87
7 Review SKQ201808S 03/25/2018 09/20/2018 CGMCE-07SHSM-00007 CGINS-OPTAAD-00208 46.9881 -124.568 7 87
8 Review SR1813 09/18/2018 04/26/2019 CGMCE-07SHSM-00008 CGINS-OPTAAD-00174 46.9835 -124.564 7 87
9 Review SKQ201910S 04/24/2019 10/12/2019 CGMCE-07SHSM-00009 CGINS-OPTAAD-00214 46.9878 -124.568 7 87
10 Review SKQ201921S 10/10/2019 CGMCE-07SHSM-00010 CGINS-OPTAAD-00136 46.9841 -124.566 7 87
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment

According to Roesler and Barnard (Optical proxy for phytoplankton biomass in the absence of photophysiology: Rethinking the absorption line height, Methods in Oceanography, 2013), “absorption meters are highly prone to biofouling, particularly biofilms which not only attenuate the collimated beam but also impact the scattering properties of the optical surfaces and tubes. In productive coastal waters biofouling can have significant impacts (i.e. 10% of the signal) within one to two weeks”.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19


There is no pressure variable in the .nc files. This should be a coordinate.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19

Deployment: 4

wavelength_a and wavelength_c are arrays of fill values for this deployment. These variables should contain the measurement wavelengths.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/28/19

New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
4/5/15, 1:15 PM

Per vendor feedback, the first 1-2 min of each OPTAA instrument sampling period should be considered suspect. Signal drift can occur as the instrument warms up, flushes with seawater, and the filter wheel spins up. Users are encouraged to delete the first minute of data, at a minimum, from each measurement burst and then calculate a median average of the remaining data from the burst before working further with the OPTAA data.

Id: 2098 By: wingardc

12/1/17, 9:35 AM 3/25/18, 3:09 PM

Data loss due to a power system failure. The mooring stopped receiving power from photo voltaic panel 1 of 4 on Nov-2. By Nov-20, the mooring stopped receiving power from two more solar panels (PV2 & PV4) and one of two wind turbines (WT2). This indicates the Power System Controller (PSC) they connect to is failing. Mooring components will be shut down as the mooring loses the ability to recharge its batteries.

Id: 1237 By: crisien
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No

10/10/19, 5:30 PM

The OPTAA burst duration was changed from 2 minutes to 4 minutes beginning 2019-10-10T21:30:00 UTC.

Id: 1873 By: wingardc

Method: telemetered
12/7/19, 1:30 PM

The external temperature sensor has started to show increasing variability during the measurement burst that does not correspond to the data from other, co-located in-situ temperature sensors.

Id: 2051 By: wingardc
Flag: fail Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
3/30/20, 10:35 AM

Due to a change in the program telemetry systems, data from this sensor will not be telemetered to shore. The data is still being collected and will be available upon mooring recovery.

Id: 2067 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No

Method: telemetered
5/13/20, 6:40 PM

Due to a bug in the mooring telemetry system, data during this time range was not telemetered to shore. It was recorded on the mooring and instruments and will be available in the recovered data streams.

Id: 2185 By: wingardc
Flag: not_available Exclude: No