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Method: telemetered
10/22/15, 3:38 PM 5/13/16, 1:18 PM

Fuel cell impacted available instrument power, so telemetered data are not available or reliable. Recovered data are available for instruments that could record internally.

Id: 1362 By: leila

Method: telemetered
1/30/19, 10:00 AM 4/8/19, 7:39 AM

CP04OSSM D00009 buoy broke free and went adrift on 1/30/2019, 1500UTC. All instruments on the MFN ceased telemetry on 1/30/2019 and instruments on the buoy/NSIF continued to sample through 2/1/2019. No more telemetered data expected for this deployment.

Id: 1557 By: cdobson

11/1/19, 8:00 PM 11/10/19, 7:00 PM

Deployment 11: Telemetered data from instruments on DCL27 not expected for date range 11/2/2019-11/11/2019 due to CE being locked up.

Id: 1807 By: cdobson