Open Ocean Glider 538

Reference Designator
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 NBP-15-10 11/24/2015 11/03/2016 CGVEH-GLDROO-00538 -42.585 -42.6667
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment

Glider optodes typically exhibit a sensor lag of 20-25 seconds. Example attached of several segments with consecutive down and up casts for CP05MOAS-GL335-04-DOSTAM000 on 10/26/2015 showing a typical measurement time lag. Profiles should be analyzed for individual time lags and data should be adjusted. OOI doesn't necessarily need to make the adjustment but users should be aware of the issue.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/31/19

New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
9/9/16, 1:50 AM 9/9/16, 1:50 AM

Deployment 1: Glider went adrift and stopped collecting science data on 9/9/2016. It was recovered covered in barnacles and missing its right wing.

Id: 435 By: lgarzio
Flag: not_operational Exclude: No