OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD8026 cspp_setup_descent_rate Setup Descent Rate m s-1 Engineering Data 0
PD8027 cspp_num_profiles Number of Profiles count Engineering Data 0
PD8028 cspp_interval_time Interval Time seconds Engineering Data 0
PD8029 cspp_start_delay Start Delay seconds Engineering Data 0
PD8030 presf_time Time, UTC seconds since 2000-01-01
PD8031 presf_tide_pressure_number Seafloor Pressure Number counts Unprocessed Data 0
PD8032 presf_tide_temperature_number Seawater Temperature Number counts Unprocessed Data 0
PD8033 presf_wave_press_temp_comp_number Pressure Temperature Compensation Number counts Unprocessed Data 0
PD8034 presf_wave_burst_pressure_number Seafloor Pressure Number counts Unprocessed Data 0
PD8035 presf_tide_pressure Seafloor Pressure sea_water_pressure_at_sea_floor dbar SFLPRES_L1 Science Data 1
PD8036 presf_tide_temperature Seawater Temperature sea_water_temperature ºC PRESTMP_L1 Science Data 1
PD8037 presf_wave_burst_pressure Seafloor Pressure sea_water_pressure_at_sea_floor dbar SFLPRES-WAVE_L1 Science Data 1
PD8038 oxy_calphase_voltage Calibrated Phase Difference V DOCONCS-VLT_L0 Unprocessed Data 0
PD8039 oxy_temp_voltage DOSTA Temperature V DOCONCS-VLT_L0 Unprocessed Data 0
PD8040 dosta_calibrated_phase Calibrated Phase Difference degrees DOCONCS-DEG_L0 Science Data 1
PD8041 dosta_optode_temperature Oxygen Sensor Temperature ºC Science Data 1
PD8042 dosta_tc_oxygen Dissolved Oxygen Concentration µmol L-1 DOCONCS_L1 Science Data 2
PD8043 sci_bb3slo_b470_sig BB3SLO B470 Sig 1 BB3SCT-470_L0 Unprocessed Data 0
PD8044 sci_bb3slo_b470_units Total Volume Scattering Coefficient m-1 sr-1 BB3SCT-470_L1 Science Data 1
PD8045 flort_o_bback_b470_total Optical Backscatter m-1 BB3SCT-470_L2 Science Data 2

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