OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD8046 sci_bb3slo_b532_sig BB3SLO B532 Sig 1 BB3SCT-352_L0 Unprocessed Data 0
PD8047 sci_bb3slo_b532_units Total Volume Scattering Coefficient m-1 sr-1 BB3SCT-532_L1 1
PD8048 flort_o_bback_b532_total Optical Backscatter m-1 BB3SCT-532_L2 Science Data 2
PD8049 sci_bb3slo_b660_sig BB3SLO B660 Sig 1 BB3SCT-660_L0 Unprocessed Data 0
PD8050 sci_bb3slo_b660_units Total Volume Scattering Coefficient m-1 sr-1 BB3SCT-660_L1 Science Data 1
PD8051 flort_o_bback_b660_total Optical Backscatter m-1 BB3SCT-660_L2 Science Data 2
PD8052 camds_brightness2 Brightness 1
PD8053 met_netsirr_hourly Net Shortwave Irradiance W m-2 NETSIRR_HOURLY_L2 Science Data 2
PD8054 met_heatflx_minute Net Heat Flux W m-2 HEATFLX_MINUTE_L2 Science Data 2
PD8055 met_latnflx_minute Latent Heat Flux W m-2 LATNFLX__MINUTE_L2 Science Data 2
PD8056 met_netlirr_minute Net Longwave Radiation W m-2 NETLIRR__MINUTE_L2 Science Data 2
PD8057 met_sensflx_minute Sensible Heat Flux W m-2 SENSFLX_MINUTE_L2 Science Data 2
PD8058 botsflu_time15s Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Timestamp 15s seconds since 1900-01-01 TIME15S Auxiliary Data
PD8059 botsflu_meanpres Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Mean Seafloor Pressure psi BOTSFLU-MEANPRES Science Data 2
PD8060 botsflu_meandepth Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Mean Seafloor Depth m BOTSFLU-MEANDEPTH Science Data 2
PD8061 botsflu_5minrate Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - 5-Min Rate of Depth Change cm min-1 BOTSFLU-5MINRATE Science Data 2
PD8062 botsflu_10minrate Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - 10-Min Mean Seafloor Uplift Rate cm hr-1 BOTSFLU-10MINRATE Science Data 2
PD8063 botsflu_time24h Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Timestamp 24h seconds since 1900-01-01 TIME24H Auxiliary Data
PD8064 botsflu_daydepth Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Daily Mean Seafloor Depth m BOTSFLU-DAYDEPTH Science Data 2
PD8065 botsflu_4wkrate Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - 4-Week Mean Rate of Seafloor Uplift cm yr-1 BOTSFLU-4WKRATE Science Data 2

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