OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD8066 botsflu_8wkrate Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - 8-Week Mean Rate of Seafloor Uplift cm yr-1 BOTSFLU-8WKRATE Science Data 2
PD8067 botsflu_predtide Seafloor Uplift and Deflation - Predicted Tide m BOTSFLU-PREDTIDE Science Data 2
PD8068 zplsc_depth_range_channel_1 Channel 1 Depth Range m
PD8069 zplsc_frequency_channel_1 Channel 1 Frequency kHz
PD8070 zplsc_values_channel_1 Channel 1 Volume Backscattering (Sv) dB m-1
PD8071 zplsc_depth_range_channel_2 Channel 2 Depth Range m
PD8072 zplsc_frequency_channel_2 Channel 2 Frequency kHz
PD8073 zplsc_values_channel_2 Channel 2 Volume Backscattering (Sv) dB m-1
PD8074 zplsc_depth_range_channel_3 Channel 3 Depth Range m
PD8075 zplsc_frequency_channel_3 Channel 3 Frequency kHz
PD8076 zplsc_values_channel_3 Channel 3 Volume Backscattering (Sv) dB m-1
PD8077 zplsc_depth_range_channel_4 Channel 4 Depth Range m
PD8078 zplsc_frequency_channel_4 Channel 4 Frequency kHz
PD8079 zplsc_values_channel_4 Channel 4 Volume Backscattering (Sv) dB m-1
PD8080 wavelength_a Optical Absorption Wavelength nm Science Data 2
PD8081 wavelength_c Beam Attenuation Wavelength nm Science Data 2
PD8082 wavelength Wavelength 1 Science Data 2

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