OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD250 ext_volt3_offset External Voltage Sensor 3 Offset 1
PD251 ext_volt4_slope External Voltage Sensor 4 Slope 1
PD252 ext_volt4_offset External Voltage Sensor 4 Offset 1
PD253 ext_volt5_slope External Voltage Sensor 5 Slope 1
PD254 ext_volt5_offset External Voltage Sensor 5 Offset 1
PD255 ext_freq_sf External Frequency Channel 1
PD256 press_coeff_pslope Pressure Coefficient Pslope 1
PD257 temp_sensor_serial_number Temperature Sensor Serial Number 1
PD258 cond_sensor_serial_number Conductivity Sensor Serial Number 1
PD259 command_set_version Command Set Version 1
PD261 assembly_number PC Board Assembly Number 1
PD263 num_events Number of Events counts
PD264 samples_free Number of Samples Free counts
PD265 sample_length Bytes Per Sample bytes
PD267 output_executed_tag Output Executed Tag 1
PD268 set_timeout Set Timeout ms
PD269 set_timeout_max Set Timeout, Max ms
PD270 set_timeout_icd Set Timeout ICD ms
PD271 reference_oscillator_freq Reference Oscillator Frequency Hz
PD272 pcb_thermistor_value PCB Thermistor Value counts

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