OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD200 ext_v01_current Current From External Voltage Sensors 0 & 1 mA
PD201 serial_current Auxiliary Serial Instrument Current mA
PD202 logging_status Logging Status Category 1
PD203 num_samples Number of Samples counts
PD204 mem_free Available Memory bytes
PD205 sample_interval Sampling Interval s
PD211 battery_cutoff Battery Cutoff Voltage V
PD212 pressure_sensor_type Pressure Sensor Type Category 1
PD213 sbe38 External SBE38 Flag 1
PD215 wetlabs External Wetlabs Flag 1
PD216 optode External Optode Flag 1
PD217 gas_tension_device External Gas Tension Device Flag 1
PD218 ext_volt_0 External Voltage 0 Sensor Flag 1
PD219 ext_volt_1 External Voltage 1 Sensor Flag 1
PD220 ext_volt_2 External Voltage 2 Sensor Flag 1
PD221 ext_volt_3 External Voltage 3 Sensor Flag 1
PD222 ext_volt_4 External Voltage 4 Sensor Flag 1
PD223 ext_volt_5 External Voltage 5 Sensor Flag 1
PD224 echo_characters Echo Characters Flag 1
PD225 output_format Data Output Format Category 1

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