OOI Parameters

Id Name Display Name Standard Name Unit Data Product Identifier Data Product Type Data Level
PD126 tide_measurement_interval Tide Sampling Interval min
PD127 tide_measurement_duration Tide Sampling Duration s
PD128 wave_samples_between_tide_measurements Sample Waves Every N Tide Samples 1
PD129 wave_samples_per_burst Wave Samples Per Burst 1
PD130 wave_samples_scans_per_second Scans Per Second 1
PD131 wave_samples_duration Wave Sampling Duration s
PD132 logging_start_time Logging Start Time 1
PD133 logging_stop_time Logging Stop Time 1
PD134 tide_samples_per_day Number of Tide Samples Per Day count
PD135 wave_bursts_per_day Number of Wave Bursts Per Day count
PD136 memory_endurance Expected Memory Endurance days
PD137 nominal_alkaline_battery_endurance Expected Battery Endurance days
PD138 total_recorded_tide_measurements Total Recorded Tide Measurements count
PD139 total_recorded_wave_bursts Total Recorded Wave Bursts count
PD140 tide_measurements_since_last_start Tide Measurements Since Last Start count
PD141 wave_bursts_since_last_start Wave Bursts Since Last Start count
PD142 tx_tide_samples Transmit Tide Records in Realtime 1
PD143 tx_wave_bursts Transmit Wave Records in Realtime 1
PD144 tx_wave_stats Transmit Wave Statistics in Realtime 1
PD156 device_status Device Status 1

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