Wire-Following Profiler

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Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
12/15/15, 12:00 AM 5/20/16, 7:14 PM

Annotation ID 230: Deployment 4: WFP stopped profiling. Excluding from final data ranges.

By Lori Garzio, on 6/24/19

New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
12/15/15, 10:08 PM 1/29/16, 7:00 PM

The Wire-Following Profiler was intentionally converted into a fixed-depth instrument to prolong the battery endurance.

Id: 230 By: leila

5/20/16, 8:18 PM 5/30/16, 8:05 AM

Recovered data are not available because the Wire-Following Profiler motor and PAR cables were swapped and the data are thus unreliable.

Id: 228 By: leila

10/2/16, 1:30 PM 10/2/16, 2:30 PM

Telemetered data are sparse because telemetry schedule was irregular during this deployment.

Id: 232 By: leila

2/7/17, 7:00 AM 6/16/17, 11:00 PM

Data transmission interrupted.

Id: 605 By: leila

12/31/19, 7:00 PM 6/12/20, 12:01 PM

Deployment 13: Due to a clock rollover issue, all WFPs have ceased sampling on 1/1/2020. No WFP data are being collected after this date. A resolution is being researched by the vendor.

Id: 1881 By: cdobson