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Coastal Endurance
Gliders are buoyancy-driven mobile assets. They change their buoyancy by drawing in water through their nose making their front end heavy causing them to sink through the water. To float back up to the surface, they push the water out. Their wings provide lift allowing the gliders to move forward as they change depth. Due to their efficient design, with no need for propellors or an engine, gliders can be deployed for several months at a time.
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Bad altimeter pings are apparent in many deployments of the coastal gliders. A few example plots are attached - m_water_depth plotted as semi-transparent bathymetry.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/10/19


Glider optodes typically exhibit a sensor lag of 20-25 seconds. Example attached of 3 consecutive down and up casts for CE05MOAS-GL312-04-DOSTAM000 on 7/8/2014 showing a typical measurement time lag. Profiles should be analyzed for individual time lags and data should be adjusted. OOI doesn't necessarily need to make the adjustment but users should be aware of the issue.

By Lori Garzio, on 5/14/19

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